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About Us


The primary mission of The Treehouse Green Gifts is to provide our customers with unique organic, recycled, and handmade gifts while giving back to the community and the environment. 


In terms of our customers, our staff is committed to finding the perfect gift through expert product knowledge, in-store and on-line gift ideas, gift registries, and special or custom orders.  We strive to provide customers with as much information about the products they are purchasing as possible by providing product information cards (in store) containing symbols that refer to an itemís ingredients and production (organic, recycled, etc.).


The Treehouse Green Gifts demonstrates our commitment to the community by featuring the work of local crafts people whenever possible, participating in community events, donating to local schools and the arts, and hosting trunk shows (special events featuring the work of particular local artists). 


In addition to the community, The Treehouse supports its employees through a competitive compensation and profit-sharing program. Please contact for employment opportunities.


The Treehouse Green Gifts does its part to improve the natural world by committing to green business principles in our operations as well as our product selection. We use recycled materials for gift-wrapping and re-use our shipping boxes for online orders, offer incentives for bringing your own bag, and are proud to be a Certified Bay Area Green Business.